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In the Vines

Family ties so strong you can’t escape…

Mary Olivia Pentecost, known as Mop, was born into one of the wealthiest families in the country—and one of the most guarded. Now, two years after her mother’s mysterious death, Mop is seeking closure on the disquieting tragedy by returning to the New England seaside estate of her cloistered Aunty Liv—once her closest relative and confidante.

But behind the walls of the isolated estate, the shadows of the past are darker than Mop imagined. The puzzles of the family history are not to be shared, but unearthed. With each revelation comes a new, foreboding threat—and for Mop, the grave suspicion that to discover Aunty Liv’s secrets is to become a prisoner of them.

How well do we know the people we love? How well do we want to know them? The answers are as twisted as a tangle of vines in this throat-clutching novel of psychological suspense.


“Kirk follows her well-received debut, 2015’s Method 15/33, with a claustrophobic tale of fractured relationships within a wealthy family with Mayflower roots… Hyper-charged.”
Publishers Weekly

“Immersive, addictive…A shocking and purely entertaining psychological suspense novel for the reader who doesn’t want to just see the deterioration of the story’s main characters, but wants to feel it, too.”
—Crime by the Book
“Dark and mysterious and thought-provoking…The writing was so strong and compelling that you really start to feel crazy yourself.”
  —Ink and Ash
“A modern gothic masterpiece.”
   —For the Love of Books

“Talk about awesome gothic horror, Kirk has delivered some of the coolest characters and a plot of pure psychological thrills and chills that will cause any book lover to read into the night…This is one book that causes the mind to spin, in a good way, making it a true keeper for your own collection.”
 —Suspense Magazine

“If Misery and Sharp Objects and Dolores Claiborne all banged into each other, rolled around on a dangerous cliff and fell into the raging Atlantic Ocean together, a mermaid would rise up from the depths raising this beautiful book to the heavens…All hail to the new dark goddess of fiction. (sorry Gillian Flynn, sorry Stephen King!).”

“A twisted story of family secrets, this will keep your heart pounding and speeding through the story.”
   —The Parkersburg News and Sentinel

In the Vines is a masterpiece of structure wherein Shannon Kirk sinisterly manipulates the reader in only the best way possible, thereby escalating the ultimate shock and power of her words at the conclusion of the story.”
   —BOLO Books

“Kirk’s greatest accomplishment is her ability to create interesting, quirky, weird, and wonderful characters.”
   —Mystery Playground

“A beautiful, bloody, harrowing mashup of all the best elements in gothic horror set against the backdrop of a (more) demented version of Grey Gardens. An absolute stunner.”
   —Emily Carpenter, author of Every Single Secret

“Only the crazy-brilliant mind of the super-talented Shannon Kirk could channel Stephen King and Edgar Allen Poe—and create this unique and contemporary horror-mystery-love story. Only a skilled writer like Kirk could dive into the dark madness of the mind and soul—and come up with this chilling tale of broken hearts and desperately twisted love.”
   —Hank Phillippi Ryan, Agatha, Anthony and Mary Higgins Clark Award winning author

Flowers in the Attic meets Tell-Tale Heart with a dash of Psycho, Shannon Kirk’s In the Vines is as dark, tangled and twisty as the title would suggest. A fascinating portrayal of madness, wealth, and decaying family legacy, Kirk’s superbly crafted gothic thriller will have you gasping the entire way through. This is an insanely good ride into the mind of a madwoman… just remember to hang on, lest you not make it back out.”
   —Jennifer Hillier, author of Jar of Hearts

“A dark and twisted thriller, both poetic and page-turning. A treat for the discerning suspense lover.”
   —Mark Edwards, author of Follow You Home

“If you’re craving a super dark and highly compelling read to binge on this summer, look no further because In the Vines has all of that and much more…Immersive, rich, and menacing.”

“Is it twisted? Yes. But is it a must-read? You bet.”